french lawyers in Mauritius

AV2M is a French independent and multidisciplinary law firm.

Its distinguishing feature and main advantage are that it is based in Mauritius.

As a matter of fact, AV2M came into existence as a result of the twofold ambition of its founder, Michaël MLADENOVIC, Attorney at law at the Lyon Bar since 2007, to set up an office in Mauritius and position himself :

business project in Mauritius

On the one hand, as the privileged interlocutor of individuals and of the different stakeholders of the business world (commercial, banking, industrial or even financial) for their investment or business setting projects in Mauritius, and

legal outsourcing french cases

On the other hand, as the ideal partner of French law firms or of corporate legal departments for the legal outsourcing of French cases, both in terms of advice and litigation.

Location in Mauritius allows AV2M law firm :

Mauritius location for law firm

On the one hand, to provide high quality legal services at competitive rates given an advantageous social and tax environment in Mauritius, and

Indien Ocean french lawyers

On the other hand, to provide its services throughout the Indian Ocean, and particularly in the French overseas departments of Reunion and Mayotte.